STAHL+DESIGN by Charizzma

- Charizzma - Design - Jewelry -

- made in Germany -

Stainless steel, topped with gold and silver combinations, benefits from an additional component of elegance.

The warm rosegold tone, polished or satin-finished, interacting with brushed stainless steel stimulates curiousity. Such a necklace draws attention. The wearer will always benefit from this playful colour-combination.

The cooler, polished yellow gold, together with the matted stainless steel and forms an elegant and clear ensemble. A STEEL-PLUS-DESIGN Collier, styled this way, gives the wearer always an additional appeal.

Chains in stainless steel with ionized surface segments contribute to the STEEL PLUS-DESIGN-COLLECTION a subtle metallic complexion.

Lifestyle according to ZEITGEIST.